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Why do you need to pack early?

Posted on 24 September 2017 by admin (0)

If you are accustomed to the jet-set lifestyle, of course, you have an idea how packing early pays. There is a risk of forgetting something along the way especially when last minute changes occur without the trip itself getting canceled.

Then again, there are factors to keep tab of especially when you are traveling out of state. Different cabs, different ways of taking in tips. At worst, no meters with which to use as a basis for charging your taxi fare in some countries.

So you might as well be aware of the vital reasons to justify packing early:

  • Make Changes

This was already mentioned in brief awhile ago in this article. A close friend or relative might be planning to meet you at a cafe at your planned city destination. You might want to insert a souvenir trinket or two in one of the pockets just outside of your suitcase or in one of the inner pockets on your hand-carry bag.

Have some additional cash in case some family members wanted something to buy from the place where you intend to go. With the suitcase ready, you only add things on your itinerary based on changes within the time frame that you got the suitcase stuffed and the time you’d be leaving at the airport.

  • Maintaining items in the suitcase

For folks constantly stuffing their traveling bags with clothes so much that it affected the shape of other items like sneakers, try stuffing them with the socks that you plan to wear later with them. That tip of the shoe is kept round leading to less damage and wrinkles due to an overstuffed bag.

Having your passport neatly inserted between your planner pages would result to less risk of getting wrinkled. With a planner thick enough to keep the passport in place, and with you constantly checking your planner anyway for your travel itinerary, you get to remember better where you put it in a way that doesn’t fall off every time you open your planner.

  • Keeping contact numbers

Not just family and friends that can be kept in touch with when you are out of state or out of the country. Numbers at the embassy and emergency numbers in that country you plan to go make it easier to handle emergencies.

Not that you’re anticipating any emergencies or accidents in that trip. But it pays to be prepared before panic gets the better of you. Even if you have some travel buddies with you, being aware of the next step to do after an untoward incident occurs increases chances of solving problems that may arise.

You might as well do them now while you still remember them. Having a checklist of things to bring does not stop there. Getting it accomplished at least 12 hours before leaving is a must. Other travelers would go as far as getting prepared 24 hours before the trip itself.

Get the checklist done right after reading this list. Because you will not be reading this article if you’re not worried about things that you missed in your suitcase, right? Pack your bags while the tips are still fresh in your head. Because you might forget about these tips after taking that much-needed power nap after work. Have fun on your next journey.