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Keep It Lightweight When Traveling

Posted on 09 October 2017 by admin (0)

Are you still putting off any plan for travel because of your packing skills? Let’s get real here. Baggage only becomes a problem when you end up taking everything in your checklist because you can’t cross out any unnecessary stuff. Isn’t this supposed to be an overnight trip?

The running joke in the “real world” is how luggage is classified two ways: carry-on and lost. Lost luggage is the last thing you want to happen on your weekend getaway. So you might as well revert to that trusty backpack for 2 sets of clothes for changing, toiletries and other things itemized below.

The toiletries…. Because you’ll never know when will that mouthwash spray come handy in meeting different kinds of people by the beach. Most beach bums chose this kind of weekend getaway because as long as they have toiletries to go with their clothes and gadgets, they are good to go.

The backpack… Or a similar bag that will pass off as carry-on bag once you get to the airport. People still call it a backpack even when placed in front because of security. Do you need to find quickly enough the stuff you want right in the comfort of your airplane seat? Then let the backpack sit in front of you. Much comfortable for your back too.

The power banks… Power banks have gotten so portable. Some of them even get mistaken as lipstick if not the for cord slots found at one end of the stick. Not all hotels have sockets that will let you charge your gadgets. That or there are not enough sockets for you to plug and charge your batteries.

Make the most out of your brief respite from the corporate workload. Rest time is still rest time. So don’t ruin it by stuffing your bag a little too much. You will never want to part with that bag just because it exceeded the weight limit required at the airport. Have fun traveling, and make sure to contact us if you would like us to write about any specific place to travel or anything in general!