Getting Cleaning Done Before Travel Day

Posted on 12 March 2018 (0)

Sometimes, you have to go out in a jiffy not only because you felt the urge to get out of the house for a bit, but because you can’t stay home within 24/7. With this in mind, what tips could be helpful to plan your travel in line with the cleaning chores?

  • Taking the kids to your work-related trip.

There is a good reason why some hotels now have day care services. Hotels host business conferences from different industries. Your kids may not stay there. But kids would enjoy meeting new friends at the daycare where they can stay for the meantime while mom or dad mingled with the rest of the young urban professionals for the event. And once the keynote speeches are done, they come back to the day care center to fetch their kids and rest in their respective rooms. Click here to browse hotels with daycare services.

  • Booking the carpet cleaning tasks around the same time as the weekend getaway.

Home cleaning services like carpet cleaning tasks are done at home, meaning you don’t have as many spots with which to rest your feet for the meantime while it dries. It also means keeping your kids off limits the carpet, upholstery and other parts of the house that needed major cleaning. This is why some families try going out of town for the weekend in time for the house cleaning stuff to commence. Some carpet cleaners use fast and convenient products that dry the carpets much faster, but in most cases, it might take a while. You can learn more about such products at The Carpet Cleaners website.

  • Choosing spring deals where discounts are given based on the number of people going.

Let’s face it. Being married with kids can mean planning a trip not only for yourself but considering the family as well. This made some travel agencies creative by offering discounts, freebies and other interesting deals based not on the date but on the number of people going. Group rates abound that made spring break such an event to look forward to not only for spring breakers but for individuals and families that want to make the most out of available time that spring cleaning gave them.

  • Splitting the bill.

Budget intended for traveling might come up short once putting into consideration the budget intended for the spring cleaning part. This is just a weekend getaway anyway. It may not be that luxurious. But it’s that one time you get to spend with your family having fun in the sun away from home. Learning to split the bill between budget intended for the getaway and the budget intended for the cleaning services meant paying one or both of them in advance in time for both events to fall within the same date.

Traveling out of town should not break the bank. It is still way better than staying outside your home while waiting for the cleaning company to finish. Staying someplace else is highly advisable when waiting for your house to breathe out the smell of bleach or some other cleaning agent. Also, coming home to a much cleaner place to live is almost the same as getting welcomed in an all-new abode.

How to Travel Within Your Budgetary Limits

Posted on 22 January 2018 (0)

The simplest reason a person could have in traveling out of state is that they needed an excuse to get out of the house and out of their boredom. Not always a positive way to spin some reason to go out at least once a month. But with wireless services making it possible for everyone to have internet access at their fingertips, the next thing you end up worrying about is finding a place to go. Take note of these ways to guide you in your travel.

Keep the plan even if you have to move the goal post.

Ever remembered the time when you really wanted to go somewhere but last minute changes beyond your control happen? This is why some travel dates are flexible. It’s called summer season after all. Planning ahead will give you some leeway to change the dates while the schedule still permits it. Because you have no idea how useful early planning is. It is occasionally effective as an excuse to use when it falls on another event that you don’t feel like attending. Not that it is recommended but once you made a firm decision and put it across to anyone listening to you at the moment that “me time” is important to you, then they will respect your need to go out on a vacation at the time you have finally secured for yourself.

Expect some tough choices to be made.

This is when the budgetary limits kick in. Planning in advance involves budgeting concerns. Sometimes you have the money now. At times you have the money when the travel date itself approaches. But you need to make reservations now. It then becomes a balancing act between your budget and your availability. In the course of planning your trip, you end up depending on last call deals that match the time when you already have that extra cash chiming in for you.

Utilize down time to plan other expeditions on the fly.

Downtime is the new term to use when you have finished all tasks at work with a few minutes to spare before getting out of your cubicle. Other yuppies have used this time to plan for other things to do for downtime that lasts a night out with friends. Overnight stays often work when you need to take a look at that city you’ve been fancying to move into. I had a friend who based her travel plans after a brief chat with the person from the Chula Vista long distance movers. They currently handled her attempt to move out of the house into an apartelle closer to where she lived. So including that side project into her travel plans worked best at a time when there is less-to-zero pressure in place.

The seasonal change often becomes a factor in choosing which place to go. For the most part, you end up choosing someplace that’s far from where you live. Because why choose another spot largely identical to the one you call home? On the other hand, think of traveling as a way to explore options related to career and starting life anew. If you are not ready to move out yet just like the friend mentioned at the last pointer, travel first. Then see which city proved amenable to your life towards a major transition in your personal and professional goals.

To Travel For A Week or Just For The Weekend?

Posted on 20 November 2017 (0)

Traveling is a good thing depending on whether you wanted it done for just the weekend or 2 weeks. What usually stops you from extending it to a week is leaving your home for some days. Unless travel is the lifestyle needed to adopt for your laptop-based lifestyle, some plans simply remain like that – plans.

If possible, don’t fall into the inconvenience of leaving your home locked and susceptible to the elements and unscrupulous individuals. Chances are there are solutions to people living at home but with family and friends with which you can leave it with. That and Airbnb. Having other options to reconsider might help you decide.

Having a work-related out-of-town trip.

This might be the easiest 

way to weasel your way into a less expensive week-long getaway. Week-long because there are transactions that are easier to close with you facing the clients in person as opposed to a video conference live-streamed in real-time. So instead of going back home to rethink the following day’s work that needs to be accomplished, you get to do it onsite and have a chance to enjoy the terrain in the same that it has been enjoyable to your target clients.

Taking a break from home.

Yes, it is your home. But even home can get you constricted for a while. You need variety through new experiences even on just a couple of nights somewhere with a beachfront hotel and the tropical breeze touching your skin. You need a respite from it all, your cluttered, occasionally boring home included. Besides, there are events that deserved to be attended to in person like Woodstock-like events that only happen once in a year. With some high-profile events occurring only once a year, it’s the kind of event you mark on your calendars because it’s that one time that you get to not see your home.

Taking the family out on a trip.

If you’re going to make the most out of your time available with the kids, you better do it in a memorable way. Vacation has become the best way to bond with your kids and rediscover their behavior when placed in a different setting. If your children are still unsure of what they wanted to do in their lives, out-of-town trips could help them rediscover themselves too.

Having house repairs.


Of course, you get them repaired while keeping your valuables away from the sight of construction workers that might be tempted to take them while you are away. Besides, having major house repairs means staying out of the house while waiting for the wall paint to dry or getting a new roof installation in time for the new year. This is why even if some cleaning or paint jobs just take all day, with the strong smell of paint taking forever to evaporate, might as well spend time elsewhere more enjoyable. It helps you kill time better and faster too.

This involves working with a company that cleans houses for a competitive fee. Getting in touch with a house cleaning service, like the House Cleaning Agents on how they can get your home refurbished in no time. It also helps in getting your travel plans coordinated with the house cleaning tasks that need to be completed in the home you’re about to leave in the meantime.

Finding the right, the trustworthy company helps too in order to make sure that you still have a home to come back to. Giving them a call would help in setting those plans in motion the soonest time you could possibly do.

Keep It Lightweight When Traveling

Posted on 09 October 2017 (0)

Are you still putting off any plan for travel because of your packing skills? Let’s get real here. Baggage only becomes a problem when you end up taking everything in your checklist because you can’t cross out any unnecessary stuff. Isn’t this supposed to be an overnight trip?

The running joke in the “real world” is how luggage is classified two ways: carry-on and lost. Lost luggage is the last thing you want to happen on your weekend getaway. So you might as well revert to that trusty backpack for 2 sets of clothes for changing, toiletries and other things itemized below.

The toiletries…. Because you’ll never know when will that mouthwash spray come handy in meeting different kinds of people by the beach. Most beach bums chose this kind of weekend getaway because as long as they have toiletries to go with their clothes and gadgets, they are good to go.

The backpack… Or a similar bag that will pass off as carry-on bag once you get to the airport. People still call it a backpack even when placed in front because of security. Do you need to find quickly enough the stuff you want right in the comfort of your airplane seat? Then let the backpack sit in front of you. Much comfortable for your back too.

The power banks… Power banks have gotten so portable. Some of them even get mistaken as lipstick if not the for cord slots found at one end of the stick. Not all hotels have sockets that will let you charge your gadgets. That or there are not enough sockets for you to plug and charge your batteries.

Make the most out of your brief respite from the corporate workload. Rest time is still rest time. So don’t ruin it by stuffing your bag a little too much. You will never want to part with that bag just because it exceeded the weight limit required at the airport. Have fun traveling, and make sure to contact us if you would like us to write about any specific place to travel or anything in general!

Why do you need to pack early?

Posted on 24 September 2017 (0)

If you are accustomed to the jet-set lifestyle, of course, you have an idea how packing early pays. There is a risk of forgetting something along the way especially when last minute changes occur without the trip itself getting canceled.

Then again, there are factors to keep tab of especially when you are traveling out of state. Different cabs, different ways of taking in tips. At worst, no meters with which to use as a basis for charging your taxi fare in some countries.

So you might as well be aware of the vital reasons to justify packing early:

  • Make Changes

This was already mentioned in brief awhile ago in this article. A close friend or relative might be planning to meet you at a cafe at your planned city destination. You might want to insert a souvenir trinket or two in one of the pockets just outside of your suitcase or in one of the inner pockets on your hand-carry bag.

Have some additional cash in case some family members wanted something to buy from the place where you intend to go. With the suitcase ready, you only add things on your itinerary based on changes within the time frame that you got the suitcase stuffed and the time you’d be leaving at the airport.

  • Maintaining items in the suitcase

For folks constantly stuffing their traveling bags with clothes so much that it affected the shape of other items like sneakers, try stuffing them with the socks that you plan to wear later with them. That tip of the shoe is kept round leading to less damage and wrinkles due to an overstuffed bag.

Having your passport neatly inserted between your planner pages would result to less risk of getting wrinkled. With a planner thick enough to keep the passport in place, and with you constantly checking your planner anyway for your travel itinerary, you get to remember better where you put it in a way that doesn’t fall off every time you open your planner.

  • Keeping contact numbers

Not just family and friends that can be kept in touch with when you are out of state or out of the country. Numbers at the embassy and emergency numbers in that country you plan to go make it easier to handle emergencies.

Not that you’re anticipating any emergencies or accidents in that trip. But it pays to be prepared before panic gets the better of you. Even if you have some travel buddies with you, being aware of the next step to do after an untoward incident occurs increases chances of solving problems that may arise.

You might as well do them now while you still remember them. Having a checklist of things to bring does not stop there. Getting it accomplished at least 12 hours before leaving is a must. Other travelers would go as far as getting prepared 24 hours before the trip itself.

Get the checklist done right after reading this list. Because you will not be reading this article if you’re not worried about things that you missed in your suitcase, right? Pack your bags while the tips are still fresh in your head. Because you might forget about these tips after taking that much-needed power nap after work. Have fun on your next journey.